SURREY – Today, as the NDP national caucus meets in Surrey British Columbia, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh slammed the Liberal government’s failure to deliver the progressive solutions Canadians urgently need. Singh said unlike the Liberals the NDP understands the struggles that people face and are determined to make life better.

“We need to build an economy that works better for more people. We must confront the changing nature of work. We must provide better benefits like universal pharmacare, protect worker’ pensions and make EI more secure,” said Singh. “The Liberals continue to prioritize the interests of the richest people in this country. That’s unacceptable.”
Singh also pointed to the fact that the Liberals have received donations from a majority of Canada’s richest individuals as a reason why they refuse to close the tax loopholes for the super-rich while failing to deliver on programs that will help lift everyone up. Programs like affordable housing, a national pharmacare system, and reducing costs so that our small businesses can thrive.

“These are the solutions Canadians urgently need. With an NDP MP, Canadians know that they have someone in their corner, someone who understands what they’re going through and someone determined to make like better,” added Singh. “And that’s exactly what we’re going to do.”