OTTAWA – Following the report from the Standing Committee on National Security on Canada’s National Security Framework, Matthew Dubé (Beloeil – Chambly), NDP critic for public safety and member of the Committee, while satisfied of the work accomplished, believes that some essential recommendations are missing.

“Close to two years after being elected, the Liberals still haven’t adopted legislative measures to repeal C-51, the dangerous and ineffective law adopted rashly by the former Conservative government,” said Dubé. “A national security policy must respect Canadians’ private lives and, of course, their fundamental rights and freedom. Unfortunately, since the implementation of C-51, it has not been the case.”

The New Democrats believe that the report’s recommendations such as the development of a community strategy to prevent radicalization and the limitation of preventive detention to exceptional circumstances only are steps in the right direction. That said, the report avoids taking a stance on many major issues such as ending the current ministerial directive on torture, giving complete access to classified information to the future national security surveillance committee, abolishing dispositions in the criminal code that jeopardize freedom of speech and freedom of the press, in addition to being completely silent on the need to repeal the antidemocratic measures found in C-51.