OTTAWA - Today, Members of Parliament debated NDP MP Irene Mathyssen’s Motion-166, which proposes the establishment of a committee to study various postal banking models used around the world, and use best practices to propose a model for Canada. Postal banking could provide services to Canadians in areas the big banks have abandoned, such as rural communities.
“Canada Post stands at a crossroads with management and postal workers currently in the middle of bargaining,” said Mathyssen. “Now is the opportune time for Canada Post to explore alternative revenue streams such as postal banking to support our communities throughout the country.”
There are international examples of successful postal banking initiatives including Switzerland, France, New Zealand and Italy. The support for postal banking in Canada is widespread with small communities, poverty organizations and unions all showing support for the NDP’s Motion-166. 
“Motion-166 will allow us once and for all to move forward with a plan that serves Canadians. Postal banking is sustainable, profitable, equitable, and will provide service where the big banks have abandoned people,” said Mathyssen. “I welcome the opportunity to bring this motion forward and urge every Member of Parliament to support it.”