Port McNeill Town Hall on Electoral Reform

Saturday, September 24th, 1:00pm

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Port McNeill Town Hall on Electoral Reform

Saturday September 24th, 1:00pm - 3:00pm
Port McNeill Community Hall
1473 Broughton Blvd
Port McNeill, British Columbia V0N2R0

Our electoral system has been with us since before Confederation. That’s before we drove cars, before penicillin was developed, and even before lightbulbs lit our rooms. It’s called: “first-past-the-post”—a reference to horseracing where the first horse to reach the post wins. But in a diverse multi-party democracy like we have in Canada, that means candidates can get elected even when two thirds of voters supported someone else.

This outdated, winner-takes-all system gave Stephen Harper—and now the Liberals—100% of the power in Ottawa with just 39% of the vote. As a result, millions of votes effectively didn’t count, disenfranchising voters who believe their voices aren’t heard.

I believe it’s time for a modern voting system – one that reflects a diverse and inclusive modern Canada. A system where every vote counts, no matter which party you vote for. I invite you to come listen to the different views and to provide your input on how you want to see our voting system transformed.