Protect Canada's waters from plastic pollution

Research suggests that dock floatation foam is one of the leading causes of plastic pollution in Canada’s oceans, lakes, and rivers.

When microparticles become part of the aquatic environment, they are consumed by fish, dolphins, whales, and birds. They can also work their way into the food system. This is a critical threat to the ocean, the ecosystem, and to human health.

Although the Liberals have added EPS to the list of toxic substances, they have not taken any steps to regulate or legislate foam used in the construction of dock structures, which would be necessary for a full ban. It also has not yet added XPS to the list of toxic substances, even though leading experts on the topic are warning about the risks of both EPS and XPS in the water.

New Democrats are calling for a complete ban of the foams across Canada, highlighting that there are Canadian-manufactured alternatives available. North Island - Powell River MP Rachel Blaney introduced private Member’s motion M-80, urging the government to ban the use of expanded polystyrene (EPS) and extruded polystyrene (XPS) for floating structures such as docks.

This issue has been raised in the House of Commons by Blaney numerous times through petitions from Canadians concerned about protecting Canada’s waters, but the government has continually declined to take any meaningful action.

Our oceans and our wildlife deserve better.

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