Canada's NDP


September 20th, 2023

Blaney seconds Jagmeet Singh’s private Member Bill to protect Canadians from price gouging

Rachel Blaney (NDP MP for North Island – Powell River) seconded Jagmeet Singh’s Private Member’s Bill calling on the federal government to lower grocery prices for Canadians. The Bill is aimed at ensuring Canadians are not subjected to price gouging at the grocery store, ultimately bringing down the cost of food.

The proposed Bill will increase penalties handed out for price fixing, protect small grocery stores from anti-competitive tactics from large chains, and increase the competition bureau’s powers to crack down on price-gouging abuse. Food inflation in August remains at 6.9%, well above the overall inflation rate of 4%. Families in Canada are struggling to keep up with the increasing cost of groceries.

“People in North Island – Powell River and across Canada can’t afford basic necessities while CEOs continue to get richer, clearly the process is broken,” Blaney says. “We need to put the needs of everyday people front and centre while addressing inflation.”

Both the Liberals and Conservatives have repeatedly voted in favour of grocery store CEOs, refusing to hold them accountable for the ever-increasing cost of living. Meanwhile, Canadians have to make difficult decisions every day while trying to keep up with the rising grocery prices.

“Despite the fact that Canadians are working hard, families are falling further behind,” Blaney says. “We are tired of seeing CEO’s profits continually increase while we are being gouged on our grocery bills. Canadians deserve a break. This bill will protect people in this riding and across Canada from corporate self-interest. The NDP and I will continue fighting to get Canadians the relief they need.”

Earlier this year, Jagmeet visited the North Island - Powell River riding to discuss cost of living issues and to hear from people in the riding about their concerns. To show your support for Jagmeet’s Bill and send a message to the Liberals and Conservatives that Canadians are tired of increasing grocery prices, read and sign the petition.