Canada's NDP


February 9th, 2024

With food prices in British Columbia on the rise, NDP MP Blaney calls out Liberals for voting no to lower grocery prices

CAMPBELL RIVER – This week, Canada’s NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh successfully passed a bill to lower food costs for Canadians, despite the out-of-touch Liberals’ best efforts to stop it from happening.
The NDP’s bill comes as people in North Island – Powell River have seen the worst year in decades for increases to food prices – and are expected to see food costs go up by $700 for a family of four.
“It seems like every day, the Liberals do something new to show just how out-of-touch they are with what people are going through. People are doing everything they can to keep healthy food on the table and still cover their other bills,” said NDP MP Rachel Blaney. “But the Liberals want to leave hard-working Canadians to fend for themselves while doing everything possible to protect the profits of greedy grocery CEOs. It’s absurd.”
With this bill, New Democrats are making Ottawa work for Canadians across the country by increasing the penalties for price-fixing and wage-fixing - which could have led to higher penalties in the bread price-fixing scandal and disincentivizing corporations from abusing consumers. This bill also creates clear rules to stop anti-competitive mergers that drive up prices and hurt Canadians.
“If it were up to the Liberals and the Conservatives, nothing would ever get done to save you money. Instead, the Liberals would sit quietly by the CEOs who are gouging you and the grocery checkout, or the Conservatives would cut and gut any support so CEOs can get richer at your expense,” added Blaney. “But New Democrats are delivering for everyday people, not the most powerful – and we’re going to keep fighting for you.”

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