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June 30th, 2020

Video townhall on the right to safe, clean, & healthy environment

This afternoon MP Rachel Blaney (North Island—Powell River) and MP Leah Gazan (Winnipeg Centre) held a virtual townhall on the right to a safe, clean, healthy environment as a human right.

Watch the full event on-demand here

MP Leah Gazan recently introduced her private member's bill (C-232) The Climate Emergency Action Act which would guarantee all Canadians the right to a clean, safe, healthy environment. The act would follow the lead of more than 100 countries that have recognized this as a human right in their legislation and/or constitution.

Read bill C-232 in full here

“There can be no reconciliation in the absence of justice and clear action to address the climate emergency we are facing. Indigenous Peoples and all Canadians are at the forefront of the climate disaster. Bill C-232 is a road map for the Government of Canada to address the climate crisis while respecting the fundamental human rights of Indigenous while investing in a green economy that supports Canadian workers.” -MP Leah Gazan
“This is an important issue and conversation, especially in communities like ours that are so deeply connected to our rivers, forests, mountains and ocean. We were planning to have Leah (Gazan) come in person to speak on her bill, but due to the pandemic we’re hoping this format will be accessible for people.” -MP Rachel Blaney

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