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Implement a mark-selective public fishery for hatchery chinook salmon

We call upon the Honorable Bernadette Jordan to:

  • Direct DFO to purchase and begin operations of adipose fin-clipping machinery for the existing production of chinook hatcheries in the Pacific Region and;
  • As soon as the adipose fin-clipped chinook salmon reach the minimum legal size for retention, implement a mark-selective fishery for hatchery marked chinook salmon.

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    2020 was the second consecutive year that widespread restrictions on chinook retention around the southern BC coast negatively impacted the recreational fishery and associated industries.

    The COVID-19 pandemic further reduced the sport fishing tourism, and highlighted the importance of outdoor recreation, and of local food security.

    There is already a mark-selective fishery for coho on the southern BC coast, and for chinook in Washington and Oregon to sustain wild stocks and opportunities in the public fisheries. Current chinook hatchery production is enough to implement a successful mark-selective fishery in certain times and areas around the southern BC coast.

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