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An update on Rachel Blaney’s work as critic for seniors

The past few years have taken their toll on Canadians, and seniors have been hit incredibly hard by the Covid-19 pandemic. As NDP MP for North Island – Powell River and in my role as critic for seniors, I have used my time in the House to fight for the rights of Canada’s aging citizens.
Every day, Canadian seniors are making heart-breaking decisions about whether they can afford to eat or take their medications. They rely on a secure income to ensure they can afford their daily expenses, but the cost of living is increasing drastically and they are finding themselves in increasingly vulnerable positions–in this riding and across Canada.

I have heard from seniors who are concerned about their ability to pay for necessary dental care, or are worried about losing their Guaranteed Income Supplement because their taxes were filed late–through no fault of their own. I’ve seen the consequences of a Liberal government who provides lip service about assisting Canada’s seniors but refuses to take action until I push them.
That’s why I introduced Motion M-70, calling on the government to require the Minister of Employment and Social Development to: estimate the income of seniors (for the purposes of the GIS calculation) who cannot make the required statement for up to one year, and provide resources to pensioners so they aren’t prevented from accessing crucial services due to paperwork requirements.

I also introduced Motion M-72, requesting the government enact a National Strategy on Aging to ensure seniors’ needs are met.

Many Canadian seniors urgently rely on government assistance. They are scared about losing their benefits and being unable to afford food, shelter, and medication. The Liberal government has not done enough to protect those rights.

I have set up a petition to support Motion M-70. You can sign it online to show the Liberal government that you support this motion and are holding them accountable for respecting seniors’ rights.

If you have any ideas, concerns, or suggestions you’d like to raise for me as seniors critic, please send your thoughts to Together, we can push the Liberal government to ensure all seniors receive the vital assistance they need.

UPDATE: NDP win for seniors!

Great news for seniors! After pushing the Liberals for months to take action on the GIS Clawback, Bill C-12 has officially became law as of March 3rd, 2022.

This means that all pandemic financial benefits will be excluded from the calculation of OAS and GIS eligibility, regardless of the date the benefit was received. The one-time payment for seniors who were punished with the GIS clawback, will be released on April 18, a full two weeks prior to the original date promised by the Liberals. Approximately 1000 seniors in “severe financial hardship” as defined by Service Canada, were given their one-time payment a few weeks early, starting March 18.

Official details updated on Service Canada

You can get find more details in the official update from Service Canada at their website, where they explain how they calculated the amount, when seniors will receive their grant, and how the money will come into their bank accounts.

Impact of the GIS Clawback

Seniors living in poverty who legitimately received COVID-19 emergency income support have had their Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) clawed back in 2021.

Now many of them face homelessness, hunger, and making choices between buying food or medications because of the loss of income.

In addition to the sudden reduction in their income, seniors are also being denied other services and supports from various levels of government that tie their eligibility to the GIS.

David, from Campbell River, explains how the loss of GIS impacts his life.

It doesn't have to be this way.

The government must exclude pandemic income supports from the calculation of eligibility for GIS.

This is an easy, simple fix that does not require legislative change.

The Parliamentary Budget Officer has said this clawback affects 88,000 seniors across Canada.

We need to pressure the Ministers responsible to reverse the GIS cut.

Ranka, from Powell River, explain how the loss of GIS impacts her life.
Indra, from Campbell River, explains how the loss of GIS impacts her life.

NDP actions on this issue

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